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Espace Nord has been present in real estate in Montreal for more than 50 years. Its founder Guy Reid laid the foundation for what the company has become today.


Today, Marc-André Reid T. manages and develops the organization's real estate portfolio with the help of his precious team. His vision is to offer rental spaces to an urban clientele, who wish to live in the heart of the action.

Espace Nord distinguishes itself by its high standards of customer satisfaction, the maintenance and ongoing renovation of its housing units and the use of the latest marketing and management trends and tools for its customers.


Customer satisfaction remains at the core of the business strategy.





As Chief Executive Officer of Espace Nord, Marc-André ensures the sound management and growth of the business, including the acquisition of new buildings that meet the Espace Nord criteria. He is also personally responsible for customer service and ensures that requests are answered quickly and efficiently. Finally, he coordinates the work of the renovation and maintenance teams.



Administrative Assistante

If you want information on one of our housing, Julia will be able to inform you! She will answer all your questions, help you plan a visit and will guide you until the signing of your lease with Espace Nord. Once a tenant, she will always be there to help you as best as possible.



Rental Agent


If you want to visit one of our accommodation, Karianne you must speak! She will answer all your questions and take care of everything from the planning of the visit to the signing of your lease with Espace Nord.



Maintenance and repair

For any problem or malfunction with your appartment, Mario is here to help you. Always friendly and patient, it will repair the problem and allow you to quickly start enjoying your home without hassle.