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Plateau Mont-Royal - Sherbrooke Metro

4061 St-Urbain street, Montreal

6 1/2 (3 bedrooms)

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6 1/2 condo style appartment, with three bedrooms, ideal for families. Private backyard.

7 1/2 (4 bedrooms)

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7 1/2 condo style appartment, with for bedrooms, ideal for families. Private balcony.

Plateau Mont-Royal


Exclusive boutiques, cafes and restaurants, used bicycles, imported automobiles; this popular area turned yuppie-bohemian is by far the most hip in Montréal. Intimate, multifunctional theatres, thrift stores and delis add to the cultural and bohemian atmosphere that characterizes the Plateau. 
The Plateau gives us the best idea of what Montréal really is. Predominantly French-speaking and totally eclectic--artists, students, young professionals and new families mingle with diverse communities, creating an extraordinarily vivid and colourful human mosaic. Those who do not live here come visit as often as possible, and with good reason...

4061 St-Urbain street

Condo-style apartments, within walking distance of Sherbrooke metro station. Located in the Plateau Mont-Royal near the shops and services of Mont-Royal and Saint-Denis.